Pure Web Remote Control for PopcornHour
Listening Audio with switched off TV
The initial purpose of the development was to provide NMT with an alternative/PDA based remote control to listen audio with TV switched off. A pure web remote control was the most preferable as it would allow NMT remote controlling from any web browsing device. Unfortunately all the current remote controlling applications have minor (sometimes significant) drawbacks.
uPnP based approach finally did not provide with a suitable remote controlling. NMT has no so called "renderer's playlists". As the result, the uPnP controlling device must be switched always on (not for the navigation but for providing a "next-to-play" to NMT). In the case of PDA it causes relatively fast battery depletion. What was tried:
  • Cidero - works perfectly but on Windows desktop OSes only;
  • Rudeo - perfect WindowsMobile only application;
  • PocketPlayer (with uPnP plugin) - does not support playlists for uPnP at all;
  • Kinsky (both Windows Mobile and Windows desktop) treats uPnP specifications a bit differently from NMT. As the result Kynsky simply does not "see" the NMT Server and MNT Render (player) devices at all. All attempt to fix the problem using the source code failed as there were some own Kinsky application problems found (the initial purpose was to control NMT, not to make Kinsky problem free);
Mediatank Controller
Another product for NMT remote controlling is MediatankController. The product is perfect. Unfortunately the regular MediatankController works on desktop Windows OSes only and (unfortunately again) requires patching (the original PlayAll function hung NMT due to unexplainable busybox/telnetd command line length limitation).
MediatankController for iPhone
MediatankController for iPhone (MCI) is for iPhone only. Evidently iPhone browser offers multiple benefits for NMT remote controlling, but unfortunately making maximum for iPhone made it incompatible with the rest of the world (including Windows Mobile devices and other PDAs).
Pure Web Remote Control
  • NMT A110, C200 or compatible
  • MyiHome server running on NMT;
Hard Disk, Community Software Installer, Telnet are not required for remote controlling your NMT.
The web interface appearance is very limited and practically has no design at all for the only reason. The interface must be lite and compatible with any mobile web browser
  • Unzip and copy all files into the root directory of a USB thumbdrive;
  • Plug the USB thumbdrive into the NMT;
  • Browse the USB device and use the File Icon to navigate to pwrc-install.html;
  • Press Enter on pwrc-install.html;
The remote control will be available at http://YourNMT-IPaddress:8088/pwrc.php
Good luck