Lookup Assistant
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Lookup Assistant allows free access to any online lookup resource by a single click in almost any application.

Lookup Assistant provides with one click lookup to dictionary's definitions, encyclopedia entries and any other third party online resources you can configure yourself. Lookup Assistant performs simple arithmetical calculations on clicked formulas.

The results are shown in the docked multi tabbed bar with lookup history support. Lookup Assistant displays the context menu of where-to-lookup resources directly inside the applications.


  • Free versions available;
  • Single click lookup in almost any application;
  • Free Dictionary's definitions and Encyclopedia entries access;
  • Multiple sites lookup by a single click (lookup groups);
  • Configurable per-lookup hotkeys;
  • Configurable universal access to any online lookup resource;
  • Lookup history support;
  • Docked bar displaying the lookup results;
  • Simple wizard to configure new online lookup resources;
  • Single click arithmetic calculation with result-in-the-clipboard feature;