Mobile Web Server is a small personal tool to create publicly available internet site by several clicks. The site can be created from regular files stored in a folder (or a folder hierarchy) located on your hard disk directly and immediately.
Mobile Web Server generates site, navigation menu and maintains permanent symbolic/domain name for the site automatically. Copying files (creating subfolders optionally) is enough to create the site. Three pages web site of AboutMe, FavoriteLinks and ContactMe information can be created from three related text files, for instance. There are no web development related skills required.
Special Free Access Service provides Mobile Web Server with worldwide access from everywhere. An internet connection is the only requirement.
Pictures from built-in/connected camera can be available worldwide in a second with the Remote Screenhost feature. Mobile Web Server running computer can be controlled remotely with the remote Control feature. Blog support allows creating simple worldwide available Blogs in a second. FindMe, TraceMe and NearMe features provides with geographical location information of the server. Publicly available photo album with image gallery and thumbnails can be created by regular file copy operations only.
The Portable version allows turning into web server any computer the portable device with Mobile Web Server installed is connected to immediately.
User's manual
Launching the program creates the icon on the task-bar (usually next to the clock). Right-clicking the icon opens the program menu. Left-clicking the icon opens the main settings dialog

  • Enable - switches the Web Server on and off;
  • Port - allows configuring Server's "listening" port. There are no reasons to change the port typically till another "listening"/server program uses the same value;
  • LAN auto-discovery (Network/uPnP discovery) - allows switching on/off ability to find the server in the Local Network automatically (review Finding the Server);
  • Worldwide access - allows the Server worldwide accessibility with external internet connection compatible hardware or via special Free Access Service automatically;
  • Remote availability - displays Link to the Server. The link format depends on the server accessibility. Local links "work" in Local Network only, Worldwide links "work" from everywhere. Clicking the link opens web browser navigated to the server;
  • Permanent Symbolic/Domain Name (optional) - allows assigning permanent symbolic/domain name for the server. The name is provided by third party online service you have to be registered in by pressing "Register" button. The User/Password of the service registration are used by Mobile Web Server to configure the Link to the Server with domain name automatically. Pressing "Save" submits SiteName/User/Password changes and generates valid server Link (or descriptive error message) to the Remote Availability field;
  • Save - applies the changes;
  • Close - closes the dialog, keeps the Server up and running;

Other Settings (Plus version only)
  • Disable activity log - disables access history appearance (the message balloon with accessed web pages and requester addresses). MWS.log - the server access log file is created in the installation directory automatically (desktop versions only). Log file path and size (in MB) can be adjusted via direct editing of the configuration file (MWS.cfg). The server have to be restarted to reflect the changes;
  • Show files from - allows changing the Server's "root" . The root is the folder containing the server shared information ("My Pictures", for instance) How to Prepare Content to Share section describes the details.;