PocketPC/Smartphone/WindowsMobile Edition
PocketPC/Smartphone/WindowsMobile Edition of Mobile Web Server provides with simplified functionality because of limited abilities/resources of the mobile hardware. Launching the program shows the main dialog.

  • Enable - switches the Web Server on and off;
  • Port - allows configuring Server's "listening" port. There are no reasons to change the port typically till another "listening"/server program uses the same value;
  • The Link field displays link the Server is accessible with. The link depends on the server accessibility mode (review Finding the Server for the details). Note: Some mobile device network specifics may require accessing the server locally (from the same device) as http://localhost:8080 or only, regardless of the symbolic/external links available. (8080, the port number must be equal to the Port shown above);
  • SiteName/User/Pass fields and Register button - support permanent symbolic (domain) name for the server. The name is provided by third party online service you have to be registered in by pressing "Register" button. The User/Password of the service registration are used by Mobile Web Server to configure the Link (domain name) automatically. Pressing "Save" submits SiteName/User/Password changes and generates valid server link (or descriptive error message) to the Link field;
  • Change (Plus version only) - allows changing the "root" folder of the server. (review How to Prepare Content to Sharer for the details).
  • Save - applies the changes;
  • Close - closes the dialog, keeps the Server up and running;
  • Stop - terminates the program;