Mobile Web Server
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Mobile Web Server is a personal zero configurable web server with worldwide Web access to pictures, music and other files stored on USB flash or in a hard disk folder. Mobile Web Server creates web sites from separate files with auto-generated site navigation menus and picture thumbnails automatically and on-the-fly. Mobile Web Server supports web templates. Mobile Web Server allows the site visitors to determine the server geographical position on the map with GPS.
  • Free versions available;
  • Zero configuration
  • Creating web/site content with file copy operations only;
  • Automatic unconditional worldwide access to the Server;
  • Worldwide server locating with embedded/connected GPS receiver;
  • Remote Control and Remote Screenshot features;
  • Web templates support;
  • FindMe, TraceMe and NearMe on-the-map options;
  • Blog support;
  • Demo site included;
  • Automatic image gallery/thumbnails generation;
  • Free permanent symbolic (domain) name support;
  • Automatic site-from-files(folders) generation;
  • Automatic site-navigation menu generation;
  • Web pages from plain text files generation;
  • Sharing files from any directory;
  • File shortcut support;
  • Complex site structure support;
  • File type independency. Files of any type can be shared via the web;
  • Detailed instant access/activity log;